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Streamlined cost savings and enhanced collaboration with feature-rich cloud communications and collaboration solutions of cloud PBX.

The VoIP phone system is engineered to refine and streamline your business communications. Equipped with advanced features, it eliminates the boundaries of traditional communication methods, ensuring your team stays connected, no matter where they are. The direct phone number and assigned extension for each phone ensure that everyone is just a call away, while the voicemail-to-email feature ensures no important messages are missed, even on the go.

With unlimited local and long-distance calling, VoIP system removes the worry about escalating costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses. The WebRTC softphone capability facilitates seamless communication, without the need for any additional applications, making it easy and efficient for your team to connect.

Improve productivity, call routing, control cost and provide superior customer service

The VoIP system offers robust support for remote workforces, making it one of its most significant aspects. With advanced features like presence visibility, instant chat, and CRM integration, remote teams can stay connected and productive.

What sets the system apart is its app-free video conferencing. No additional software installations are required as team members can join meetings directly from their browsers. This not only enhances accessibility but also simplifies the process. The feature includes document sharing, chat, and polling capabilities, simulating a real-life meeting experience.

Furthermore, the seamless integration of VoIP PBX with Microsoft 365 aligns your communication tools with your productivity suite. Users can launch calls directly from Outlook contacts, schedule web meetings within the Office 365 calendar, and have their phone status updated automatically based on their Office 365 calendar. This interoperability guarantees a streamlined workflow, allowing maximum productivity with minimal disruption.